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MEET: Steven

Volunteer Facilitator since 2021

Since being at Erin's House, Steven has been a rockstar volunteer, and all the kiddos love when he is around. So, of course, we wanted to ask him questions about his time here and some of his favorite things while volunteering here.

1) Why do you volunteer at Erin's House?

I volunteer at Erin's House because when I experienced loss at a young age, I didn't have the support network I needed. So I want to be able to try and offer that support for others as they're on their journey through processing grief.

2) What is your favorite part about volunteering at Erin's House?

My favorite part about volunteering for Erin's House is the eye-opening realizations and discoveries made both about yourself and others. I've learned so much from these kids and only hope that I can work to be as big of a positive influence on their lives as they are on mine.

3) What is your favorite room at Erin's House?

My favorite room at Erin's House would have to be the fish room. They really committed to the theme and put a fish's mouth in the wall! I mean come on, who wouldn't love that?

4) Lastly, what is your favorite Healing Heart activity?

My favorite Healing Heart activity so far has been the Grief Sundaes. It was easy to get everyone involved and invested in sharing and talking about their grief, and then it ends with the best positive reinforcement ever: ice cream!

Erin's House is thankful to have Steven on our team of volunteer facilitators. We couldn't keep programs and camps going without the help of these amazing individuals!

If you feel motivated to walk alongside children and teens on their grief journeys as a volunteer group facilitator, we invite you to fill out a volunteer application. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ellen Roemke, Director of Volunteers, if you have any additional questions: or 260.423.2466.



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