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We want you to feel welcome as you pull up to Erin's House. First impressions are everything so we hope that you feel right at home walking through our doors. 

Main Gathering Space  

As a way to encourage families to come together around the dinner table, we provide a pizza dinner at the start of every program night. We also use this space to celebrate birthdays as a reminder that even when grieving, you can still feel joy. 

Program Rooms

Each program room was designed specifically for the age group that would be utilizing the space. The rooms foster a safe and comfortable environment where the children can express their thoughts and feelings with other kids their own age who are experiencing similar situations.


Adult Room

We invite caregivers to participate in an adult group that meets the same time as the kid and teen groups. This group focuses on providing support for adults on how to help their children cope with the grief that they are experiencing.

Special Program Rooms

There are several special program rooms that are incorporated into program night. These rooms provide additional opportunities to process grief in different ways and atmospheres. The Volcano Room and Rec Room are spaces where the kids and teens can physically let out their feelings. The Quiet Room is a calm setting where they can quietly reflect on their thoughts. The Hospital Room is an opportunity for play therapy.


Training Room

This room serves many purposes. One of the most important roles is being a space for volunteer facilitator trainings which are hosted several times throughout the year. We allow outside groups to reserve the room for meetings, but ask that a free-will donation be made to Erin's House.


Administrative Offices

You can find our small but mighty staff working diligently behind the scenes in the administrative office area. You can get ahold of them here during our daytime office hours.

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