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MEET: Sidrah

Volunteer Facilitator since 2022

Sidrah has been a volunteer facilitator at Erin’s House since 2022! Here's what she has to say about her experiences and some of her favorite parts about volunteering:

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Kind, loyal, and sincere.

What are three words you would use to describe Erin’s House?

Warmhearted, empathetic, and thoughtful.

What led you to becoming a volunteer facilitator at Erin’s House?

I was introduced to Erin's House by a friend who was a volunteer facilitator. I loved the mission of Erin's House, and I immediately knew that I wanted to become involved. I have lost family members and friends in the past, and I know a program like this would have been so helpful for me.

What do you love about Erin’s House?

I truly love just spending time with the children, no matter the capacity. Erin's House does such an amazing job at setting up activities for the kids and each month they always have fun. My group especially loves the Volcano Room and Hospital Room, so I love to go crazy with them in the Volcano Room and I love to be their patient in the Hospital Room. It's just great to spend time with the kids and talk to them.

Dream vacation?

I have always wanted to visit New Zealand, it looks so beautiful!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while volunteering at Erin’s House?

The biggest lesson I have learned is how important it is to just listen to the kids. Many times, they just want someone to listen when they're sharing. They don't always need to say something in response, your presence is already enough.


If you feel motivated to walk alongside children and teens on their grief journeys as a volunteer group facilitator, we invite you to fill out a volunteer application. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ellen Roemke, Director of Volunteers, if you have any additional questions: or 260.423.2466.


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