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MEET: Laura

Volunteer Facilitator since 2013

Stepping into a school setting while representing Erin's House has been rewarding, yet very different from facilitating the onsite groups on regular program nights. It is rewarding to see the students discover who are their peers in grief within their own school.

Often, they have no idea that so many others in their school have had the same kind of significant losses that they have experienced.

This helps them grow as a group in support of each other as they continue the challenges of navigating the school year while grieving.

Many times, these students do not have the access or support they need to get to Erin's House on a regular schedule. It has meant a great deal to me to be involved with these groups of students and see the footprint of Erin's House grow larger in the community. It is an honor to be part of their lives and to volunteer as a Classroom Companion.

Erin's House is in need of volunteers for our Classroom Companions in-school program. We are seeking individuals available during daytime school hours and can commit to 6-8 group meetings to give students consistency. If you would like to be a Classroom Companion, we encourage you to complete a volunteer application or contact Lauren Boles, School Liaison, if you have any questions: or 260.423.2466.


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