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Rooted in Love: Valentine Tree

A Healing Heart activity that can be done in memory of your loved one on Valentine's Day, or even any day of the year.


  • A “tree” – whether it’s tree branches from outside, a fake plant, or even your Christmas tree

  • Construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Markers or other writing utensils

  • Ribbon or paper clips (to attach the ornaments to the tree)

  • Anything else you’d like to decorate the ornaments and tree with (stickers, bows, glitter glue, etc.)


  1. Cut out several hearts from the construction paper.

  2. Encourage each person to write special Valentine’s Day messages to their loved one, reasons why they love their person, or any feelings they might have during this love-filled holiday on the paper hearts.

  3. Punch a hole in each heart and attach ribbon.

  4. Talk about what is written on each heart as you add it to the tree.

  5. Finish decorating your tree with more ribbon and any other items that make it meaningful for your family.

  6. Display the tree in a place where you will see it every day as a reminder of the love forever rooted in your hearts ❤️


  • Have there ever been times when it is hard to think about the things you love?

  • What is something you have enjoyed doing since our person died?

  • Do you have a memory you love the most about our person?

  • Is there something you really liked that we did to honor our person who died?

  • What are things you love about yourself?


Erin’s House is here to support our community through their grief. If you are in need of resources or support, please reach out to us to speak with a Child Grief Specialist: or 260.423.2466.

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