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MEET: The Parker Family

After my husband passed, many family members recommended Erin’s House for my children - Jayden, Catalayia, and Jayia. Simply put, without Erin’s House we would not have made it through. My husband was our rock.

MEET: The Parker Family

Erin’s House allowed my children and me to not feel alone and to express ourselves in a safe environment. I learned how to respond to my toddlers asking questions that before I was scared to say a word. My children had many outbursts a day, and now they are sporadic. They know how to deal with their grief in a positive way after Erin’s House which has also transferred to our home. We can have long talks about their dad.

It is very important that Erin’s House services are no cost. If it wasn’t, my family couldn’t attend. After funeral expenses and so much more, there is no way I could afford for us to attend.

I don’t even know where to start about James, my husband. He was the funniest, loving, caring person ever. I always think of him when someone is on the side of the road. He always made us stop no matter what we were doing.


After attending Erin’s House onsite peer-support program, Jayden decided to talk to his principal about bringing our Classroom Companions program to their school. Here’s why he felt this was important:

"I talked to my principal because I knew many people struggled with the loss of loved one. And many had bad days because they lost their loved ones and didn’t want to ask for help with grief. Also, my dad and mom raised me to help people, not hurt people. So, I took their side to get myself and friends help with our grief." — Jayden

What is your favorite part about Erin’s House?

  • Jayden, age 12: Group because I can understand others grief.

  • Catalayia, age 5: My favorite project at Erin’s House was making a lava water bottle to help calm me down.

  • Jayia, age 4: My favorite part about Erin’s House is talking about Daddy.

Is there something about Erin’s House that you would like others to know?

  • Catalayia: If they lose someone, Erin’s House is a good place to go.

  • Jayia: Erin’s House is fun!

Describe yourself in one word.

  • Jayden: Compassionate

  • Catalayia: Funny

  • Jayia: Nice

What is something about your dad that you will love forever?

  • Jayden: I will always miss his laugh.

  • Catalayia: I miss when he does funny stuff.

  • Jayia: I love him and miss always sleeping by him.


Erin’s House is here to support our community through their grief. If you are in need of resources or support, please reach out to us to speak with a Child Grief Specialist: or 260.423.2466.

Written by: The Parker Family | Brooke, Jayden, Catalayia, & Jayia — Thank you for sharing your story.

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