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Volunteer Facilitator for “6-9s” since 2021

I was led to being a volunteer through the passion I have for psychology and my internship opportunity through school.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced for helping someone open up is the trust barrier. When families come to Erin’s House, there are many new faces and people they don’t know. So, it’s one of the important things I’ve learned, yet the hardest and most rewarding when I finally reach a place of trust with the kids in my group.

Some advice I would have for anyone grieving or helping in the grief process is that you need to feel those feelings and let them out in healthy ways such as coloring, workbooks, or even therapy. No one should ever have to grieve alone or without help!

The things I love most about Erin’s House are the mission, kids, and staff – of course!

3️⃣ Three words to describe myself: Passionate, caring, spontaneous

💜 Favorite Healing Heart activity: Gummy Bear Game because of the amazing memories shared!

☕ Go-to coffee order: Brown sugar, oat milk, shaken espresso from Starbucks


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