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Common Bond 2024 Results & Recap

The Notre Dame Dick Corbett Head Football Coach, Marcus Freeman, and Cornerback Jaden Mickey were featured speakers this year at the Common Bond fundraiser.

Thank you to all who sponsored, attended, and supported Common Bond! We were able to raise $130,000 for our mission of providing grief support at no cost to children, teens, and their families.


At the event, Marcus shared how he envisions the upcoming Notre Dame season, the ways he inspires young people, and how he supports Player Jaden Mickey through grief as his coach. Jaden experienced the death of his mom on December 28, 2023 and it was his dad who notified him the day before the Sun Bowl game against Oregon State. Central to Marcus's narrative was the unwavering support he extended to Jaden during his time of mourning, a testament to the coach's commitment to fostering not only athletic excellence but also personal growth and resilience among his players.


Jaden, to honor his late mother's memory, seeks to spread awareness about screening for colon cancer early—a message close to his heart.



Laura McCoy, Volunteer since 2013

With a calming presence and infectious positivity, Laura McCoy excels as a Volunteer Facilitator supporting families through their grief at Erin's House. Beyond her peer-support groups, Laura has contributed her time and musical talents to Erin's House Classroom Companions, family camps and gatherings, holiday parties, and teen workshops. Her commitment and ability to uplift spirits make her an invaluable asset to Erin's House and a true heart healer.


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