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Alicia | What Lights of Love Means to Her Family

I was an Erin’s House kid back when they didn’t have a permanent home and rented space in a church downtown. My dad died in 1997 when I was 10 and my brother was 8. My mom and grandparents tried to be as supportive as they could while navigating their own grief. We came to Erin’s House, and it was wonderful to have that peer-support from kids my age. I also really appreciated my facilitators.

Eventually, I became a volunteer facilitator in 2019. I wanted to help kids in the same way that I was helped. Erin’s House really impacted my life, so I love supporting them in every possible way and giving back.

This year will be my family’s third year participating in the Lights of Love Memorial. Both of my grandmothers died within a year and a half of each other which led us to take part in the memorial. My mom and I go in on it together and write messages to my dad and grandmas.

Lights of Love has become a tradition for us. My mom and I love to go downtown to see it and both of my grandpas also go. We don't always go all together, but we talk about it and take pictures and that really brings us together. I would recommend Lights of Love to others, because it is a special way to honor and remember your loved ones during the holidays.


Through the Lights of Love Memorial, you can remember your loved one during the holiday season. Tributes are displayed on the Parkview Field videoboard each evening November 23 - December 4.

Holiday Ornament - $10 | One (1) custom ornament with your loved one's name. Ornaments are locally made by Julie Wall of The HEDGE.

Lighted Candle Tribute - $30 | One (1) lighted candle with name on videoboard + one (1) custom ornament with your loved one's name.

Personalized Tribute - $100 | One (1) slide with name, picture, and personal message on videoboard + one (1) lighted candle with name on videoboard + one (1) custom ornament with your loved one's name.

Tributes must be submitted by November 21 at 5:00 P.M. for the full 12-day event.


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