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Because grief can often cause children to feel isolated and different from their friends, peer support in itself helps children in the grieving process.

Our program provides grieving children the opportunity to be surrounded by others also suffering the death of a loved one, helping them feel a sense of belonging and respect.

Not all students are able to attend our on-site peer support groups, so we bring our program to your school and provide the opportunity for grieving children to explore and express their grief.

With 3 camps a year, Erin's House camps provide a setting that is safe for children and teens  to learn how to adjust in their lives as a result of the death of a loved one.

In an effort to provide your family support throughout the summer months, Erin’s House invites eligible families from each program night to attend Summer Program.

Telephone support may help with questions about children and grief, information about Erin’s House and our programming, discussions about concerns and issues, etc.
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