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MEET: The Eckert & Fisher Family

MEET: The Eckert & Fisher Family

Current Erin's House Family

Last year was our first year getting involved with Lights of Love as a new Erin’s House family. Visiting Parkview Field and seeing the face of my son, Steven, on the screen was amazing. Being there brought back all the stories and memories we made together during his short 26 years of life and is something I will never forget. I’m so glad we were able to support Erin’s House while remembering him.

In October, my daughter, Julia, and granddaughter, Parker, really looked forward to returning to Erin's House. It's truly a place where they can be themselves and be around other children who understand how it feels to experience such a significant loss. For my husband and I, we enjoy being surrounded by so many people who truly care. It’s a place we greatly love.

Processing Grief

Three months after my son passed, my stepmother lost her battle with ovarian cancer, and then three months later my dad lost his battle with lung cancer. My family suffered three significant losses in a six-month timeframe. That’s a lot for a young child to process. I think as adults, processing death is very hard, but for children, it’s so much more. They haven’t had a chance to live a long enough life to fully understand what has been taken. They only know that they will never see, hold, or talk to that person again. As we cope with these family deaths, Erin’s House has been amazing in supporting Parker and Julia through their grief.

I want to thank Erin’s House for giving them a place where they can remember their loved ones in a beautiful and creative way.


Rachel Eckert

Interested in your own Lights of Love Tribute? Deadline November 19, 2023: CLICK HERE

A Cherished Family Tradition: “At Emmanuel St. Michael Lutheran School, there's an annual Christmas church service organized entirely by the students, a tradition that has been upheld since my own school days there. Steven faithfully returned each year to watch his younger siblings' involvement. He was anticipating the day he could watch his daughter, Parker, follow in his footsteps.”


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