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MEET: Jarone

Volunteer Facilitator for “10-13s” since 2019

I learned about Erin’s House through Erick, their Director of Community Outreach. He told me about what the organization does and gave me a tour of the facility. The volunteer facilitator training was very good – shout out to Ellen, Director of Volunteers! I wanted to help kids navigate through difficult times any way I could.

During my time volunteering, I have learned that you never know the load someone is carrying or how low they might feel. It's important to be kind to everyone and speak optimism and positivity into their situations.

The various Healing Heart activities give kids opportunities to find something that best fits their personalities whether it’s art, writing, or games. I love that Erin’s House encourages volunteer facilitators to walk alongside kids and teens through their grief versus telling them how to grieve.

3️⃣ Three words to describe myself: Kind, loyal, sincere

💜 Favorite Healing Heart activity: I like helping them make things in honor of or to remember their loved one. They get excited discussing their person and showing their families.

⛰️ Dream vacation: Bora Bora

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