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Introducing New Board Members 2024

Non-profit board members guide strategy, make key decisions, and contribute expertise to ensure effective mission execution while upholding ethical and fiduciary standards.

Kathy Friend

Community Volunteer

Kind, Conscientious, Helpful

“On the board, I aspire to be an attentive and supportive member in various areas, including finance and volunteering. I am honored to join the board again after my recent retirement from Fort Wayne Community Schools. I served years ago and have been appreciating the growth in the organization and look forward to getting involved again to make an impact!”

Favorite Pizza: Sausage

Favorite Disney Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Juli Johnson

Chief Nursing Executive Officer at Parkview Health

Honest, Compassionate, and Hard-Working

“I hope to support Erin’s House through my time, resources, and healthcare background. I have been a nurse for almost 29 years, and I have seen the unimaginable in healthcare. I’ve seen the tragedy, but through Erin’s House, I can see how grieving families can be helped during their worst times. I am thrilled to be part of a board that helps children, and their families heal after the unimaginable.”

Favorite Pizza: Thin Crust Mushroom, Onion, and Green Pepper

Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King

Karrie Kitch

Community Volunteer

Friendly, Fun-Loving, and Open

“I plan to bring some of my past knowledge from prior years serving on this board as well as financial expertise and professional relationships. I was inspired to join the Erin’s House team because of the empathy I felt for kids experiencing grief and how crucial it is for their futures. I believe it’s important for everyone in our community to have access to the resources Erin’s House provides.”

Favorite Pizza: Gluten Free Mushroom from 800°

Favorite Disney Movie: Dumbo

Dr. Matt Runyan

Medical Director Inpatient Psychiatry at Parkview Health

Dedicated, Compassionate, Approachable

“I hope to bring energy, compassion, and professional knowledge to the Erin's House board. Having been on the board previously I am excited to re-engage with my main focus on supporting the staff, assisting in the construction of The Wing, and expanding programming structure. The mission, the staff, the kids, and the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting impression in the community make it a perfect fit for me.”

Favorite Pizza: Deep Dish Meat Lover’s with Garlic Crust

Favorite Disney Movie: Star Wars: A New Hope


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