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Schools have the potential to be uniquely equipped to support students who are grieving by providing preventative interventions through understanding and compassion, all within a consistent, non-judgmental environment. Erin’s House partners with area schools and local organizations to offer a variety of customizable training and resources to educators and professionals who work with children, teens, and families. Together, through proactive efforts and intentional training, we can ensure that no child in our community must grieve alone and that those professionals working with grieving children and teens feel empowered and equipped to provide meaningful support.   


  • Customized grief training and education for schools and local organizations 

  • Grief education materials for staff, students, and families  

  • Tours of Erin’s House for classes and school professionals  

  • Phone consultation with schools and staff about needs and resources  

Questions? Contact Cindy Maldonado-Schaefer, Director of Operations

at 260-423-2466 or 

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