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Our mission at Erin’s House is to provide a safe space where kids can process their feelings and share their experiences. And who better to support you than someone who gets what you’re going through. That is why peer support is the foundation for all our programs.

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Your year-end gift has the power to transform what grief means to youth and their families in northeast Indiana.

Grief is hard. Grief is complicated. Grief is different for everyone – especially for children and teens who have never felt these new feelings.

At first, one might say grief is sadness. Grief is isolating. Grief is unable to be recovered from. But, through encouragement and empowerment, our hope is for our kids to take control and redefine their grief.


We want our kids to be able to confidently say, “Grief is laughing again. Grief is appreciating the small things. Within my grief, I found new friendships, new interests, new dreams.”

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"Grief is sad. I wish I could have seen my baby sister grow up."

- Kaitlyn

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"Grief is different for everyone."

- Austin

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"Grief is not being fully okay. It's like darkness. You can't have a proper feeling."

- Kaylen

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"Grief is mad and sad. It feels like heat bubbling out."

- Braydin

Beyond onsite peer-support groups, Erin’s House offers a variety of programs to support youth who are grieving. We commend youth organizations and schools who recognize grief, seek support, and dedicate time to the well-being of their students and staff. 

And, we are thankful that individuals like you who make it possible for Erin's House to be there for them during tough times in their communities. Your monetary gifts enable us to to extend our reach and eliminate financial barriers that might otherwise keep kids from receiving vital grief support.

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Stephanie Gorman, a fourth-grade teacher at Prairie Heights Elementary School, became familiar with Erin’s House through having some of her students in our Classroom Companions program at the school.


“After my husband passed, I started looking into ways I could help my daughter, Vivienne, process her grief. She absolutely loves coming to Erin’s House and that she can be with other kids who have lost their loved one.


Seeing her daughter benefit from peer support and having attended a virtual workshop on grief in the classroom from Erin’s House, Stephanie advocated for the faculty at Prairie Heights Community Schools to obtain children’s grief education.

I felt the information I learned needed to be shared with the staff at Prairie Heights. Death is such a hard situation. I believe many staff members were unsure how to help students, but Erin’s House has given them tools and strategies they can implement.


In my classroom, I openly share that I go to counseling, attend Erin’s House, and use other facilities to work through my grief. I don’t want them to feel there is a stigma behind grieving. By having Erin’s House brought into schools, it allows students to normalize grief and know they are not alone.


These programs offered by Erin’s House at no cost takes a huge burden off families. Many are going from a two-income household to one, grandparents are raising their grandkids, or working can be difficult while processing through their own grief. For schools, it allows our community to offer all the support possible to students in need.


Together, we are ...

Redefining grief (4).png
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