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Year-End Giving: Give The Gift Of Hope!

Kristin and Sarah

Current Erin’s House Family

With the holiday season here, I find myself reflecting on our Erin’s House journey since our world was forever changed with the passing of Matt. I often have so many questions when we join a program that is not already geared towards individuals with special needs, and I get the responses, ‘we can’t do that’ or ‘that’s not possible.’ I was worried we would be faced with the same situation at Erin’s House, but instead, it was, ‘absolutely, we can do that’ and ‘of course, we’ll figure out a way to make that work to support you.’

Before we even started program, I felt secure, and that Sarah would be in a safe place that would be able to take care of her needs. Then, I could also be in a safe place and best learn how to help her.

To us, Erin's House is more than a support group; it has become our extended family. It provided a space for Sarah to express her feelings, to ask questions, and to grow in her own understanding of grief. My daughter found comfort in knowing she was not alone, and that her emotions were valid, and needs were heard.

Erin’s House “Cherished Traditions”

What is your favorite holiday memory with your person?

During “memory week” at Erin’s House, groups focus on their cherished moments and sharing their experience with the group while fostering connection and support.

Chloe, Age 11 for Dad: “My favorite memory is that we would chill and watch movies all day”

Zyasia, Age 13 for Momma: “My favorite thing I used to do with my mother is where she woke up with my dad and my mom making a gingerbread house”

What impact have you seen in your grandchildren since starting at Erin’s House?

“They definitely feel more comfortable talking about their baby sister. The crying is the biggest difference we’ve seen. They don’t cry anymore when they talk about Zalana, and that makes me so happy.”

Marvina S.

Current Erin’s House Family

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