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MEET: The Cuffy Family

Sheila & NyAsia | Erin's House family since 2021

Sheila: I had a student that discussed Erin’s House during her presentation. At the time, I did not know about it or what it could do. It was information I filed away in my mind.

MEET: The Cuffy Family

In September 2018, we lost my mother-in-law; in May 2019, my mom; in January 2021, my dad; in February 2021, my brother; in August 2021, my sister-in-law; Thanksgiving 2022, my brother-in-law. That was a lot of family loss, and we needed help. I remembered Erin’s House and gave them a call. They welcomed NyAsia and made her feel so comfortable that it helped me feel comfortable, also.

I wanted to plan something elaborate for NyAsia for her special day, her 16th birthday. She said she did not want a party because “I don’t have any friends to invite.” This broke my heart! I could see that she wanted something special – yet, she felt she did not have any friends to invite. One night after her group, I asked, “Can I have a birthday party for you here at Erin’s House?” The joy I felt when she answered a resounding, “YES, of course!” NyAsia enjoys her group – they were her friends to invite!

I am so happy that this is a center where ALL are welcomed, and we do not have to worry if we have the right insurance coverage to afford us the opportunity to come to get help!


NyAsia: If I were to tell a friend about Erin’s House, I would tell them Erin’s House is really helpful and it is fun to get to socialize with others our age in group and do the fun activities.

A special memory I have of my Grandma Cuffy is how caring she was. For my Grandma Hunt, I will always remember going to her house every Sunday for a family meal and devotions. My Grandpa Hunt loved to ride in his golf cart. Somedays he would even let me drive him.

When I was surprised with the birthday party, I really didn’t expect it. At first, I thought this was just what Erin’s House did for people’s birthdays, but then I found out my mother had planned it. I think my favorite highlight from the party was getting the tiara and sash to wear!


Erin’s House is here to support our community through their grief. If you are in need of resources or support, please reach out to us to speak with a Child Grief Specialist: or 260.423.2466.

Written by: The Cuffy Family | Sheila & NyAsia — Thank you for sharing your story.

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